Rocks underwater near Porthcurno - Phto by Marcus Cook

The Cry of the Gull

A ballad of memory and loss,
transience and discovery

Words and music: Douglas Cook

Douglas Cook for more information

‘The Cry of the Gull’

When I think of you, I think of Summer,
Long hot days of sun, we spent together,
Then it seemed the sun would shine for ever,
Never would cloud.

But, when Winter came, we had to part,
And then it seemed, the sun
Would never shine again,
So dark was my mind.

Now that Spring is coming round once more,
The tides are changing and the air is clear,
We shall soon be near the sea again,
The cry of the gull.

Now I have you in my arms again,
The skies are clearing, and the air is warm,
Let's make love while Summer lasts,
It may not return.

Maria Heseltine (Mezzo-Soprano), sings on the demo clip below, with orchestral tracks created by the Sibelius score writing program from sampled sounds

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