The Penzance Orpheus Ladies Choir is an accomplished local amateur group which, together with its conductor Stephen Lawry and accompanist Mrs Rebecca Mayall perform regularly in the Penzance and West Cornwall area. The choir took part in an impressive concert in November 2015, when they combined with other choirs from around the country at
The Cancer Research Festival of Brass and Voices at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Dora Laity, a singing member of the choir recently asked my to compose a setting for her amusing short poem, A Fishy Tale, and this is the result.
This tragic tale of devotion and devious fishy courtship is scored for SSA with a piano accompaniment.

The choir is now preparing the piece for a public airing later this year and I will attach a recording when it becomes available. Meanwhile there is a sampled version at the foot of this column.

More information about the choir is at:

A Fishy Tale

Now down in Davey Jones locker
Lived Turbot the local sea copper,
His sidekick and mate was Harold the skate
And together they went surfing the net.

When onto the scene came Olga a bream
And a beautiful haddock named Trish.
Now Turbot the copper, fell hook, line and sinker
He thought he would woo her and win her.

But a sea trout swam by and gave her the eye
And said Trish you’re a delectable dish.
He gave her a ring, made of seaweed and string,
And a necklace of pearls and starfish.

It’s alright for him, giving her bling,
“I’m gutted” poor Turbot did cry,
“I feel really hurt”, he told a sea squirt,
But Harold the skate, his side kick and mate
Said “I know how upset you must be”,
But Turbot he said “You know what they say,
There’s plenty more fish in the sea”.

By Dora Laity

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